Stilts began in 2011, formed by three friends on the verandah of their Queenslander in Brisbane. Since then there have been four print journals published, countless events hosted, and an online website updated with all the best writing they could get our hands on.

In 2016, Stilts focused on being a digital publication of themed series, continuing to support and take pride in its Queenslander roots despite the editorial team being located in Melbourne.

In 2018, Stilts returns to a Brisbane headquarters with a new website. You can also keep tabs on what they’re up to by looking at the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This website remains as an archive of all the online content published and curated during Stilts’ previous incarnations.

2011–2015: Katia Pase, Bronte Coates, Maggie McDade.
2013–2016: Hayley Stockall.
2018: Emily O’Grady, Ella Jeffery, Zenobia Frost.

Website by Cat Matteson: