Dear Josephine Rowe

Words by James Butler

Published on October 16, 2012

Hi! Hey! Howdy! I am writing to draw your attention back to an event you did at Avid Reader in August, and to tell you how great that event was.  I remember before the event we had drinks with Christopher Currie and Chris Somerville, and Christopher insisted that cider with angostura bitters was the hot new hipster drink and someone responded that this was so only if sipped from some kind of tin can.

(On a side note to Christopher: I’m still uncertain whether cider with bitters is a legitimate thing, and I’ve never ordered it since lest the bartender question me and I fall into a nervous heap.)

I also remember that during your event after each of the three emerging readers mentioned their terrible nerves, you said that you too were nervous. You said that it never gets easier. I’m not sure if I’m thankful for this information.

As I write this Tarcutta Wake  lays in the pile of books spread over one side of my bed. I name this pile ‘Books That I Am Currently Reading/Need For School Or Work’, but I think its true name is ‘Evidence That James Butler Is Single’.

I intermittently pick Tarcutta Wake  up from this pile between reading novels for work and literary theory for school, and always marvel that even between these dense texts your tiny stories still hold great weight.  At your Avid Reader event you read ‘Raising the Wreck’, and when I read it off the page those phrases that had stuck out to me then resurfaced with even more potency. No. All writers are scavengers. The good and the bad.

So I’m writing to say thanks, Josephine. Thanks for Tarcutta Wake, for your event at Avid Reader, for humouring Christopher Currie and his hipster-hot drinks.