Little Things: Behind the Scenes of Issue IV

Words by Katia Pase

Published on December 9, 2013

Musings of a small press junkie


It’s been almost six months since we closed submissions to our fourth journal issue, and we’ve been pretty quiet about it since. The thing is, making a journal is hard sometimes, especially when you’re entirely self-funded and working a handful of other jobs to make ends meet.

My father used to say to me, probably on a daily basis, that a job wasn’t worth doing if you weren’t going to do it properly. And so we’ve had to wait a little bit to find time, because we never ever want to publish something we don’t believe should exist in the world.

But production is underway now, and here’s what we can tell you.

We have three brilliant new long-form works from Jennifer Mills, Samuel Rutter, Ellena Savage, and a beautiful photo essay from Greek photographer Pavlos Kozalidis. We possibly have an additional, secret piece brewing too; we’ll let you know how this turns out soon. Our vision for the journal is to create something uncluttered, something you’ll read slowly the way you perhaps did before The Internet was a thing.

When we sat down at the start of the year to plan this journal, we set the idea of “rituals” as a thematic anchor, but somewhere along the line we hoisted that anchor and discarded it completely. We were reading through the submissions, and we realised we didn’t want our reading of them to be guided by a framework we had imposed. So we picked our four favourite pieces, and soon we’ll present them to you to read and thread and dissect however you like.

And that’s the beauty of being independent: freedom = flexibility. We want to create a collection of work that is relevant, valuable, and unrestricted by parameters that may turn out to be unproductive. We’re making this up as we go along, but that’s kinda fun too.

And so as our streets are laced with festive decorations while we sleep, I’ll start editing and putting this thing together. Nothing will be rushed. No decision will be made lightly. I’m heading overseas soon for a little while too, so that’s another challenge, but I’m pretty confident we’ll make it work. Stick with us.