Little Things: Künstler

Words by Katia Pase

Published on May 5, 2014

Musings of a small press junkie

Residents of Brisbane! If you like books, or magazines, or cute things, or clever architecture, or nice wood and natural light, then head to Künstler, a beautiful new book/magazine/art space in Winn Lane. Here, owner Lizzie Stafford tells us some things.


Katia Pase: Tell me about Künstler!

Lizzie Stafford:  Künstler is a small (seriously small) magazine and book store in Winn Lane in Brisbane. We sell specialised print publications from independent publishers about art, architecture, design, fashion, food, and literature. Also, about plants. Really about any topic that’s been put together into a very beautiful printed product for your viewing/ reading/ touching/ smelling pleasure.

Künstler 13_web

KP: Tell me about your favourite book store in the world!

LS:  Walking into Do You Read Me?! in Berlin was the best book store experience I have ever had, to the extent that I cried with joy. I was a sheltered Brisbane girl and that beautifully curated book store really opened my eyes to the world of independent publishing (though it’s more magazines than books). Melbourne is pretty lucky to have Perimeter Books. And I have never been, but based on my Instagram stalking I suspect that if I go to Ofr. in Paris it will be my new favourite book store in the world.

KP: Tell me about some titles currently in stock at Künstler that you’re jazzed about!

LS:  TOILETPAPER is a photo-based magazine that displays “ambiguous narratives and a troubling imagination”. The colours are crazy bright, the art is a little bit insane but TOILETPAPER is a masterpiece and hugely respected worldwide. If you haven’t seen it before, you can get a fairly good impression of what it’s like based on their website.

Toiletpaper -magazine -issue -8-cover -maurizio -cattelan -pierpaolo -ferrari

This is the Same Ocean is a risograph photography journal by Melbourne-born, Berlin-based talent Samuel Davison. Another magazine without any words, but a very different style of photography from TOILETPAPER. Dare I say “gritty”? The latest issue has an international focus, with works by photographers from the UK, Germany, Russia and Denmark.

Printed Pages is a great magazine coming out of the UK that has interviews, essays, studio visits, photo essays, illustrations, conversations etc across a wide range of topics, all “championing creativity across the world of art and design”. The latest has Lesley Arfin writing about the word “nice”, a conversation between Tavi Gevison and Minna Gilligan, and a series of interviews with art gallery ushers. The layout and design right down to the spine of the magazine is incredible.

PP_Spring 14
KP: Tell me what’s coming up at Künstler!

LS:  We just hosted the Brisbane launch of Dissect Journal, a contemporary art publication from Melbourne. We’ll be putting up some new art in May and then again in June and will no doubt throw a party to celebrate, and we’re hoping to hold some more book and magazine launches in the coming months.  We are also about to open the virtual doors of our online store, which will be a big step towards world domination. Just kidding.

Künstler 17_web

Follow Künstler on Facebook and Instagram and visit IRL at 5M Winn Lane, The Valley.