Alternate Realities: A (sort of) fan-fiction series

Published on December 8, 2014


This December, we’ve asked four of our favourite writers for a short story featuring a famous and/or influential figure. We wanted to know ‘where are they now if now is a completely different universe?’ and ‘but what might they really be like if they didn’t have to be a normal human being?’ and we wanted to laugh. Or chuckle/snort at the very least. The end results have culminated in our new guest series, Alternate Realities: A (sort of) fan-fiction series.

Andrew Last documents the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem if a mathematical paradox was also simultaneously taking place.

Rosie Funder channels Tracey, a frazzled host, leaving notes on a kitchen bench addressed to Malcolm Gladwell (if he was actually an obnoxiously bad couch surfing house guest).

Alexander Bennetts predicts what would happen if Michael Cera hiked a mountain in Sweden with a dialogue couch appointed to him for a Swedish remake of Arrested Development.

Annabel Brady-Brown details Werner Herzog’s first encounter with the cronut, if Herzog was incapicated in hospital from a jaguar bite.

The artwork for this series is provided by the most excellent Kitty Allison. Kitty is a writer and vis artist living in Brisbane. You can find her on twitter: @kitallison.