Introducing our 2014 Winter Writers Residencies

Published on June 1, 2014

Winter is here and that means it’s time for our winter residencies! Over June, July and August we’ll be publishing weekly writing from writers whose work we love.

Michael Kruger is 21, from Melbourne, and very, very scared of change. When he’s not writing or playing music, he’s often found sleeping, like a sloth, upside down and covered in moss. In June he’ll present a series of slightly surreal stories about politics, religion and family. You know, all the good stuff.

Cosima McGrath is a writer and editor from Brisbane. She works for Griffith REVIEW and is an editor for Bumf. In July, she will  examine the way avid readers and aspiring writers encounter their literary heroes on the page and in real life.

Kat Muscat is an editor, writer and feminist. She is a former editor of Voiceworks magazine, and has been published by various journals including The Lifted Brow and Scum. Kat has also hosted workshops, spoken on panels and performed at arts festivals across Australia. In August, she will seek to explore the complex relationship between mental illness, character, and coping mechanisms.

The artwork for the series is provided by Total Bore, a painter working in Sydney, Australia. Through loosely constructed figure paintings and portraits he attempts to comment on celebrity, anonymity and ennui on the internet.