Introducing our struggling writers residencies

Pictures by Lucy O’Doherty

Published on June 1, 2012

This winter we’re hosting monthly website residencies and publishing writing from three of our favourite emerging writers.

Sam Maguire is a writer from Circumstances, Ipswich. He has enough brain problems to keep making funny jokes and enough dark tragic secrets to keep him drinking, smoking and looking tortured. In June, Sam will be illuminating us on the art of ‘being’ a writer.

Oliver Mol is a Melbourne based writer. He can be reached at In July, Oliver will be telling us why he is the best man for the job, any job.

Tim McGuire is a Brisbane writer of features, essays, reviews and fiction. His writing has been published in The Big Issue and The Lifted Brow  and performed at Men of Letters. In August, we learn why Tim needs a therapist.

The image for this series is provided by the lovely and talented Lucy O’Doherty. You can view more of her work online as part of her application to SOYA.