Q&A: Alice Bishop

Words by Alice Bishop

Published on August 15, 2016

1. Where do you live right now?

I live in East Brunswick, just behind the cafe Milkwood and nearish the Merri Creek Trail. But my ‘home’ is in Christmas Hills, on Skyline Road, where my parents live and I visit—frequently. There’s something about Christmas Hills that just makes me relax. I think that means it’s home, for sure.

2. How many houses have you lived in so far?

Many, especially when I moved from share-house to share-house while studying. But if I look back, only four houses really stick with me: our Christmas Hills house before the bushfire, then the rebuilt one, after. My first share-house in Hickford St, East Brunswick (and its floral carpet) and then our current place, again in East Brunswick, too.

3. What’s your favourite characteristic of your current house?

Our rented East Brunswick house is called ‘Marysville’ after the wife of the man who built it—Mary. I love the way old houses have names; houses are characters and, often, so telling of the people who call / have called them home.

4. What’s your favourite spot in your current neighbourhood?

There are a quite few places in East Brunswick I love, but ‘my neighbourhood’ is in Christmas Hills. You walk our ridge and the taller trees are still holding on, years after fire. And then there is the wall of bushy wattles coming up underneath. The air is just different up there, clean; it wakes me up.

5. Do you think you’ll be living elsewhere in 12 months time?

I really don’t know. I’ve been reading Gloria Steinem’s ‘My Life on the Road’ and it’s really inspiring me to travel. Also, I’ve been spending half the week in the west, a new neighbourhood for me. So who knows where the next 12 months will take me. But in a few years to come? The dream is to buy my own place in Christmas Hills. There will be a couple of horses, maybe, and chooks. I just hope my partner wants to come, too.