Q&A: Emma Marie Jones

Words by Emma Marie Jones

Published on August 25, 2016

1. Where do you live right now?
I live in a sharehouse behind a hairdresser in Thornbury, Melbourne. The hairdresser has a toilet that backs onto our courtyard so there are all these old ladies with capes and foils smoking and talking on their phones outside our kitchen window. I don’t think the hairdresser tells them our house exists cos they always seem surprised to see me making coffee in my robe at 1pm or whatever.
2. How many houses have you lived in so far?
3. What’s your favourite characteristic of your current house?
The Minions shrine.
4. What’s you favourite spot in your current neighbourhood?
I like Psarakos Market and its giant tubs of fresh produce, I like the friendly ladies at my local post office who took my mobile number so they can text me when my ebay packages arrive. Like any neighbourhood Thornbury has a sense of community, but I feel like as a renter I’m borrowing it, and when my lease ends and I move somewhere else I’ll slip into my next neighbourhood’s community and fit into it however I can.
5. Do you think you’ll be living elsewhere in 12 months time? 
Yep! My lease runs out in 8 and our rent is totally gonna skyrocket.