Q&A: Kaitlyn Plyley

Words by Kaitlyn Plyley

Published on August 31, 2016

1. Where do you live right now?

On stilts in beautiful swamp-town Brisbane.


2. How many houses have you lived in so far?

I have lived in 15 houses. One of them had been blessed by Queen Victoria, which was nice.


3. What’s your favourite characteristic of your current house?

It has a tiny sunlit room which I use as my office, with painted timber walls and built-in bookshelves. My desk has a view over the leafy neighbourhood – once while I was working I saw a pheasant leap across my neighbour’s roof. I didn’t know we had pheasants in Australia, and, by the expression on the pheasant when it saw me, I’m not supposed to know.


4. What’s your favourite spot in your current neighbourhood?

That would have to be the dog park. It’s tucked away next to a national park, hidden from main roads, and at sunset you can watch the mountains turn gold while literal golden retrievers frolic around you.


5. Do you think you’ll be living elsewhere in 12 months time?

Yes, unfortunately. As much as I love my blissful idyll, I can’t manage another Brisbane summer. My medical condition makes it difficult for my body to regulate its own temperature and I’m too poor to afford an air-conditioned rental. I’d like to move to a city with better accessible housing.