Q&A: Os McGuigan

Words by Os McGuigan

Published on August 31, 2016

1. Where do you live right now?

Brunswick, Melbourne. It’s seen four generations of my family, so there’s heritage in my decision to live here.


2. How many houses have you lived in so far?

I’ve moved consistently my entire life; inner urban suburbs, CBD apartment, leafy suburbs, tropical rainforest in Papua New Guinea, obscure Australian cities like Darwin. I’ve lived in well over 30 different houses. I feel they’re all my homes in some way.


3. What’s your favourite characteristic of your current house?

The most significant characteristic is that it’s been in my family for over 60 years. Four generations of my family have lived in it at some point; its presence is an enduring legacy of the tenacity of people to begin again.


4. What’s you favourite spot in your current neighbourhood?

The local pub. It sounds trite but it is where people are loose enough to speak their mind, making it and excellent place to learn. Truth and what is true can be different things, but in the pub it becomes the same. It’s a blue and white collar psychologists’ office.


5. Do you think you’ll be living elsewhere in 12 months time? 

Possibly—spontaneity is a trait I adore in my world. But I inevitably end up back in Brunswick. It represents too much of myself.