Stilts IV meet the artists: Jack L Dunbar and Nadia Hernandez

Published on November 28, 2014

With the launch of our new journal, Stilts IV, just round the corner, we’d like to introduce you to the people whose work makes this edition so damn good. Most of them are busy succeeding in far-flung corners of the globe, so we asked them to tell us where exactly they are and what even they’re doing there. Today, meet the duo responsible for everything to do with the way the book looks. 

Jack L Dunbar is an artist, designer, and sometimes writer based in Sydney.

Jack says: I’m Currently in Jogjakarta, Indonesia post China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. It’s raining. Heavily.

I’m here working as part of the collaborative project KK+JLD. That is myself and Kailana Sommer’s art practice and etc. We’re now on residency in Indonesia with Jogakarta art collective and all-round superstars Ace House.

Nadia Hernandez  is a multidisciplinary designer and artist based in Sydney.

Nadia says: I’m in my studio, located in a former paint factory in the exotic suburb of St. Peters. I’m about to start working on a new body of work for a solo exhibition happening early in the new year at Mild Manner’s Gallery here in Sydney. As well as a new website for Freda’s, packaging for Assembly, and just generally everyday life… eating at home, sleeping less, getting some sun… 🙂

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