The first poem I wrote had three wishes

Words by Chloë Callistemon

Published on February 22, 2013

I remember asking one of my cousins to help me write a poem when I was about 7. We were sitting on grass near a stunted orange tree and a tap that spewed out a little golden-brown frog any time anyone turned it on.

We set about writing an awful (if unfortunately memorable) poem/song about what I would ask for if I had three wishes. The wishes were about as original as the rhymes: I wanted to fly, breathe underwater and talk to animals. Well, who wouldn’t?

I think I was imagining myself zipping around the oceans supersonic-dolphin-style talking to all the sea creatures. In the spirit of good memory (even of things better forgotten) the first lines were: ‘If I had three wishes the first one would be/To see a girl flying and know that it was me.’ I also remember the tune we came up with. Just don’t ask me to sing it.

I didn’t try writing a poem again until I was a teenager.