Hide With Me On Top of This Building, I’ve Wanted to Do This Forever

Words by Emmie Rae

Pictures by Amy Blomberg

Published on June 28, 2013


You are staring in the mirror and your skin has broken out again

But somebody, somewhere is wiping their palms on their thighs, sweaty from imagining you naked, imagining how cute it would be to buy a thermos and put you inside it, to keep you warm when you are cold

There is a guy playing a sax solo
A girl feeling an erotic charge throughout her entire body
Just listening to the sax solo in a neighbouring apartment
Eating olives from a jar with her fingers

I do not believe the city is evil
I do not identify Mondays with sadness
I read to understand the true definition of loneliness
I am privileged
I am quivering in the presence of people I love

In the arctic I want to share a body heat with you
So strong we can remove our gloves to eat frozen apples
I want to understand life only through things that grow
To move through cities as if they were forests

And they can be — the buildings are not harming you, there are reflections of trees in the windows and they are your trees, you go outside and be with them
I’m not talking back I’m laying on the concrete

Stare up and see everything — make a wish on the plane above me, take photos of my legs pointing up to the stars and say out loud ‘this city has me by the fucking throat and I love every second of it’

I am going to say that and mean it
I am going to grit my teeth
My cheeks hurt from smiling


Emmie Rae is a writer from Sydney and the Internet at emmie-rae.tumblr.com.