I Will Keep Making the Same Shapes with my Mouth

Words by Emmie Rae

Pictures by Amy Blomberg

Published on June 14, 2013

I can feel you trespassing beneath me
Railways have closed for the
night and I can’t get through to you
My phone is dead I have
laid it to rest in my backpack I need you
I feel cold but it is 32
degrees outside and I am flushed

I am singing to a
tupperware container of tadpoles
I am considering joining
the wider tadpole community
Swimming naked and
I am happy, I am cheeky.
I am sexual innuendo

Eventually we grow legs
that make us stronger
All we do as tadpoles is
get stronger
Nothing bad will
Because our bodies are

Soon I will be sitting on
a bus
Reading text messages
over people’s shoulders
I am laughing in bed
about this
Laughing as I realise I
have accidentally killed all the plants again

Maybe because I love too

heat up with love and strangle everything

Maybe because it is still
hot in autumn


The earth loves too much and everything is slowly

I can feel summer failing
and see myself curling
I am fleshy and wilting
and small
I am sweating next to a

This is my human body and
our bodies are amazing

Emmie Rae is a writer from Sydney and the Internet at emmie-rae.tumblr.com.