Poetry: Three poems by Gianina Carter

Published on November 5, 2014


He has bookshelves
not of books, but an infinite
number of stolen words
he keeps in cans:
the children’s laughter taken from church,
the minute of silence on the 11th,

beside the ticking clock outside the principal’s room.

Words that mean strange
things, teratoid, pashy, distrait
he is compelled to weave
into garden tapestry
where ticks suck at meaning
of teratoid, pashy, distrait.

He will weave till his hands
are shrivelled,
his eyebrow hair grows
over his eyes
like an unruly mulberry tree.

Smell of rotting
mango in humid air
laves his anvilled lids:
he faints, collapsing
onto splintered shelves.

The cans roll,
laughter climbs
towards the sky.


Pleading to

take a moment if you will
to look
at the light

in the room
where you sit

the amount of sunlight it gives

this manmade fixture
a component
of Bruce Almighty’s
to the world

filed under section b: iv,
in a subdivided
list entitled:
human capacity
to waste

rummage like a cartoon dog
through the rubbish bin
for half-eaten donuts,
a lost retainer

something new
and pick a place
for it in your house,
shelf or duchess top

use it well,
throw it out


Technological Advancements in Queensland

two girls stride
along the park pathway
stroking stray hair that flies
with leaves
over their eyelids
like clothes from the wash
caked together with detergent sweets

‘it’s really windy, don’t you think?’ one says
‘hmm,’ says the other

branches crackle
in off-butter dusk
as leaves tumble
singing like tiny bush fires

she pulls her phone
from a chest pocket, taps
the screen
light explodes
from corners in, shines
a large square
of bleach
into her face

‘what’s the time?’ says the other
‘don’t you have a watch?’

Gianina Carter is a writer based in Brisbane, Australia. She writes poetry and creative non-fiction that has been featured in Voiceworks, Cow, Hide journal and The Suburban Review online.

Chris Somerville is the author of the short story collection We Are Not The Same Anymore. He is currently drawing the former mayors of Huntington Beach California.