When the Kiama Blowhole Finally Erupts We Will Be Kissing in a Car Above It

Words by Emmie Rae

Pictures by Amy Blomberg

Published on June 7, 2013

We are all sitting on beds fifty floors above sea level
Clicking on things
Watching each other from various angles
Feeling tense and drinking water to wet our mouths

One day we will no longer feel stoned
Iron our sheets and underwear
We will run marathons together as ‘the people’
Hold hands as we cross the finish line

Feel competitive against life instead of one another


Fuck that
My contraceptive pill is an extension of my body
I am racing against humanity
I am competitive as shit

Sometimes I feel my body is rejecting me
Like I try so hard to make it work but it never will
But when we die we will reconcile
We will get each others sense of humour
We will laugh together in a Vine of my life
When I’m gone throw me into the ocean I grew up with — spit me over the lighthouse — rub me as I beg you  feed me to the fish  and dangle me over the harbour
I will grin

I will grin when we all die
Grinning as we melt into the earth
Thinking of you

Emmie Rae is a writer from Sydney and the Internet at emmie-rae.tumblr.com.